overhaul / undertow

Tuesday, April 30, 2002

the trouble with the straight and the narrow
is it's something that keeps sliding off to the side

you're so evil
and I'm so good
I'll make it up to you
-clem snide.

I told a few close friends about this site. Only one dear soul (thanks, Art) has told me their thoughts on it. It appears I am the proverbial tree in the forest.

That's not such a bad thing, I guess.

Saw Bob Mould live, solo, last week. It was incredible. The man is a consummate professional, handling everything himself from the stage and not missing a (literal) beat.

The last time I saw him perform, he was playing with Sugar at the Palladium. I was about 17, I think. Myself and another surly teenage friend had gone. Peter and I only half-listened to the show. I seem to recall we were way cool then, cooler than any of the other people there. Odd, that.

About two thirds of the way into the concert, though, I made my nonchalant way up to the stage--being short, they let you through sometimes--and looked up to see Mould sweating and straining at the mike. He was fucking glowing. It was right after Copper Blue, and he lashed each song out like a personal vendetta exorcised right there, in front of an audience of 500. The memory of him--mostly the sound of his voice, screaming, breaking, thrilling--still is with me. Some sounds get burnt into your head. The next twenty minutes were branded into folds of my brain reserved for that single memory alone.

I'm still a huge fan of his live recordings, which I think suit the lyrical content and the musical tone so well, better than any studio-produced version. "Explode and Make Up" and "The Slim," off what think is the Explode and Make Up ep, are some of the most cutting and gut-wrenching recordings ever.

So seeing him again was pretty cool. After all these years he couldn't every high note, but the euphoria and engrossing intensity were still there. No one lets you up to the front at the El Rey--you could be a midget and still have to stand in the back if you're late. Even though I was stuck at the very end of the hall, I felt that tug into my gut, that tightness in my throat. Mr. Mould, thank you for never adulterating that.

All in all, a beautiful show, and lovely company as well.

Monday, April 29, 2002

I added the link I was blathering about.

I'm quite sure most of the stuff that appears here will suck, but the possibility of public criticism may compel me to do edits and rewrites, and refine the work. See the new thingy on the bottom of the left sidebar. Rah.

Hey. Killradio lost its lease.

When the landlady found out that there were in excess of fifty people traipsing in and out of her humble little office building--most after hours, at that--concurrently with the lease-renewal, she, er, changed said lease renewal to a lease termination.

We're now looking for a new place: DSL-ready, cheap as hell, accessible at all hours, and secure.

Any ideas?

Work is getting more bearable. I don't know if this is a sign that my brain is turning into a passive blob of mush, or if I'm actually having a sort of fun, or if it's just that I'm getting used to this.

Then again, everything is more fun when you've enabled your sound card and can listen to music while you work.

I'm also working on another project I'll link soon to this one. It's a little more personal. I thought about throwing all its content into this weblog, but then decided that for those of you who only want the facts, this will be better; and for those who want the, er, extraneous circumstances and surrounding contexts, well, you can visit my new project.

Aside from the fact that I feel overly precious and arrogant in creating it, that is.

ah well.

Saturday, April 27, 2002

contemplating suicide/with a graduate degree
ask her how's it going/she says
I feel sullen
I feel sullen
I feel seventeen

-pernice brothers.

Thursday, April 25, 2002

God. This whole "work" thing really blows.

Remind me to overthrow the capitalist system tomorrow. Isn't May Day soon anyways?


Okay. I could spend an uncomfortable amount of time describing myself (as if anyone who doesn't already know me will magically stumble across this site...but still...) or I could just do this.

In my cd changer as of today:

pernice brothers
neutral milk hotel
jets to brazil
clem snide
dismemberment plan/juno split
death cab for cutie
um, one other I don't remember right now.

so. yeah.

um. holy shit.
I guess we'll see how this goes.