overhaul / undertow

Monday, December 26, 2005

Hey all. Dad gets out of the hospital tomorrow. Things are okay...

I feel weird.

The holidays are always weird for me.

Oh well.

Saturday, December 24, 2005

Okay. So my dad's in the hospital with a bladder infection. I've been visiting him every morning before work, sometimes after, if I can get out of work in time before visiting hours end. At the paper, the editor in chief and assistant editor are gone, leaving only the publisher and myself to get out the next issue. I have friends bitching at me that I haven't replied to their story pitches, a boyfriend I haven't seen in over a week between his work and mine, my mom kinda on the verge of losing it and me up tonight baking Christmas presents for our entire extended family.

I'm running on adrenaline, apprehension, Diet Coke, and the fear that if I slow down, the earth may open up and swallow me.

Jaylinn, are you out there? I need to send you a burn of Garden Ruin (Calexico's new album, due out in April, woo!) and I can't find the address you gave me over the phone. I also can't find your phone number. Yeah, I'm a bit spazzy right now. :(

Monday, December 12, 2005

Do you ever have one of those unbelievably frustrating days when all the people you need to get in touch with don't call you back, and you call and email like twenty different people to try to make it work, and still no one gets back to you, and then you figure that by the time you get home surely someone will have at least emailed you back but NO, no one's emailed you and no one has called and you're like FUCK! do I exist? Have I slipped into another plane of existence?

I'm having one of those days.

Sunday, December 11, 2005


I had no idea what to do for a costume so I decided to just be myself: split personality. :) Half was the light half, half was the dark half. I tried to go for a skeleton face on the dark side: it worked alright, for someone who's never done theatrical makeup before (high school drama club notwithstanding).

That's TJ in the sea monkey from space costume, but you can't see his face.

And there are no pics of me and the boy together. Lame. :(

But it was fun!

I am two months late posting this. Blame it on Ben. He didn't post the pics until a few days ago.

My next plan is to scan in my business card. I am so proud. I have a business card!!!

I never thought I'd have a business card.